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Fairs and festivals

Patronage Festival

The Patronage Festival constitutes the most important festive heritage of the town since 1674 when the first festival was held at Cardona dedicated to the Virgin Mary of Patronage, patron saint of the town. Today, those three centuries of history intertwine and merge into a programme of events that have been enriched and transformed according to the times and their circumstances. The Patronage Festival, in its religious and civic double sense, includes acts and events of traditions that are hundreds of years old. Consequently, within the religious festivities, are the transfer and procession of the miniature Virgin Mary with the Stick Dance, services and solemn processions. The most representative element of the civic festival is the bull run to the festival bullring, with the town hall as a backdrop. Three centuries after its creation, the Patronage Festival of Cardona has been enriched by the incorporation of a multitude of sports, theatre, music and cinema events, becoming a mosaic of festive elements that invite you to get to know it and enjoy it.

Programme of activities of the 2019


Starts on: 10 September 2022
Ends on: 13 September 2022