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Fairs and festivals

Other Festivals


Easter festivities in Cardona are a song for springtime. Caramelles from four local bands fill the town and country with song and dance. Easter and spring are celebrated in a tradition that is maintained and has its high point in the four bands singing together, on Sunday at noon, in time to the Cardona sardana.

Neighbourhood Festivals

The day after the feast of Corpus, Cardona’s neighbourhood festivities begin, which carry on practically throughout the whole summer.

Bargain Market

Organised by the Union of Shopkeepers and Traders of Cardona, the Mercat de la Ganga or Bargain Market is held twice, once in summer (the first weekend of August) and once in winter (the first weekend of February), where local shopkeepers take their wares to the streets, on a day that makes the town’s Sunday market stand out even more.

Patronage Festival of the Castle

Cardona holds the Patronage Festival of the Castle, around 31 August, the feast of Sant Ramon Nonat, a historic figure linked to the castle and the noble Cardona lineage. It is a festival with its own character, very close to the hearts of the people of Cardona, as devotion to saint Ramon goes very far back. In 1683, the duchess Catherine of Aragon Folc of Cardona had a chapel built at the entrance to the Castle in honour of saint Ramon on the site where he lost his life. Catherine of Aragon wished to worship the saint with this gesture, the devotion to whom had begun four centuries ago at the time of his death in 1240. Another important element to the celebration is the presence of the Bandits of Sant Ramon of Cardona, who enhance and give a special dazzle to the celebration, displaying the Cardona sentiment by joining the Sant Ramon patronage.

Patronage Festival of La Coromina

The area of La Coromina has the next highest population in the municipality after the town of Cardona. Also recorded in the medieval period, it has grown at the foot of the castle, next to the salt mountain, beside the Cardener riverbed. Its patronage festival, in honour of Sant Ramon Nonat, is today held on the last-but-one weekend of August.