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Cardona for the family


Cardona is a byword for scenery and boasts a number of remarkable viewpoints! The Castle is impressive on first sight, yet it is also fascinating to observe the views from every angle! We propose a route upon which to enjoy Cardona’s scenery! Let’s start!


 From the top of Cardona Castle

  • From the Castle Keep The quintessential viewpoint of Cardona is the highest point of the Keep, which in Cardona is known as the Minyona Tower. Observe the landscape carefully: the town at the foot of the castle, the River Cardener, the Pyrenean mountains, the Montserrat range. The view is truly spectacular!
  • Defences of the fortress of Cardona. A highly recommendable quiet stroll along the path around the medieval complex of the fortress of Cardona. If you take a walk, you will gain an insight into the system of defence, assault points, and its military architecture and engineering, etc.  If you look up, you will see the oldest part, the medieval castle, and the modern adaptation of the defence platform. Ask at the Cardona Castle information point for a route/guide for walking on your own.
  • Old Road.  We recommend walking down from the Castle to the town along the old covered track, which is known as the Old Road. On a walk through the old gateways, you will observe the walls and parapets, the loopholes and defence systems, which will provide a very good idea of what life was like in a fortress! The Road will lead you to the Tourism Office in the town at the foot of the hill.

In town

  • Use the map of Cardona to access Passeig Mossèn Joan Riba. This is where you will find the northern viewpoint, which faces the Pyrenees. The view is truly impressive. From here it is possible to see the Pyrenean range and the fertile plain of Cardona: El Pla de les Hortes. You can also see the course of the River Cardener, the fields of crops and forests, traditional farmsteads and farms. It is a pleasure for the eyes!
  • La Pietat Viewpoint. A climb up the old Capdevila or Calaf road, which is now known as Avinguda de la Pietat, will take you to a church of the same name. Here you will find some benches. Sit down and bring time to a standstill!  This is a point from which to observe the Castle in all its splendour, the town at its feet, with its gable rooftops, the former urban layout and the modern new town. You will also see an interesting defence structure: the Meer Tower (nineteenth century)

Return to the historic centre

  • La Fira Viewpoint. This is definitely Cardona’s best known and most iconic viewpoint. It is located in the Plaça de la Fira, beside the sculpture commemorating 1000 years since the foundation of the town (23 April 986). From here you will form a perfect understanding of the close relationship between the Salt Valley and Cardona Castle!

From Salt Mountain Cultural Park

  • If you visit the Salt Mountain Cultural Park, you can enjoy two indescribable panoramic views of the Castle. One is from the zone known as Point 2 of the former Mina Nieves complex (you will be informed when you take the guided visit). There, from the same viewpoint you can observe the two icons of Cardona: the headframe of the Maria Teresa Mineshaft (46 metres high) and Cardona Castle in the background.
  • If you take the guided visit to the Salt Mountain, once the special visitor transport vehicle is ready to make the return journey after completion of the visit, to the right of the road you can see the most spectacular view of the castle and fortress of Cardona: the southern face of the site. Do not be surprised: the castle was built with a view to controlling the valuable resource of salt. It is therefore logical that it should look towards the Salt Valley. Everyone finds this view striking!