Salt Mountain Cultural Park

Salt Mountain Cultural Park

The tourist site you’re visiting today became one of the most important potassium salt mines in the world, called Mina Nieves de Cardona (1929-1990). Nowadays, the old mine is the Salt Mountain Cultural Park, a cultural facility aiming to spread the importance of salt, the geological uniqueness of  the site and the explotaition of this natural resource for centuries.

The Salt Mountain Cultural Park offers the visitor:

  • A walk through the old mining facilities.
  • A guided tour at a depth of 86 m: Inside the galleries of the Salt Mountain, open since 1997, the various spectacular folds and seams of the deposit and diversity of minerals are displayed in all their splendour. A unique place in the world!

A tranquil walk along the Park

Beneath the imposing feature of the winding tower of the old mine shaft Maria Teresa lies the museum area: an open-air area that explains the history of the explotation of salt, the geology, the minerology and botany of this Area of Natural Interest, the Salt Valley of Cardona.

The visitor can also see the shaft’s mining machinery, which is a very good example of industry archaeology dessigned by Alsthom (currently Alstom) during the 1920s.  A photographic exhibition can be seen in the basement.

The old carpenter’s workshop and the room where all the machinery used to be repaired house the Salt Handicraft Centre, Art-Sal and the exhibition Memory of the women from the mining neighborhood. We can also find there “La Cafeteria” with outdoor seating. At the reception, you can find “La Botigueta”, a little shop with a wide selection of products and bibliography about Cardona.




  • Site open from 10 am to 15 pm.
  • Tours at 11:30 am and 13:30 pm. Limited places
  • Consult the available sessions of guided visits to the interior of the salt mountain in the sales platform:


  • Site open from 10 am to 18pm.
  • Tours every 30 minutes. Limited places.
  • Last tour at 16:30pm.
  • Consult the available sessions of guided visits to the interior of the salt mountain in the sales platform:


  • Use of mining helmets is obligatory for all visitors (including all children). Temperature 17ºC.

  • Limited number of places on guided tours.
  • The sustainability of the environment is carried out through strict control of entry of persons into the gallery, the limited capacity of which is carefully respected for the purpose of ensuring its good and natural state.



Adults: 11€
Pensioners: 8,5€
Children of 2 to 4 years: 3€
Children of 5 to 11 years: 6€
School groups: 8€
Adult groups: 9€ (minimum 25 adults)


The best way to see Cardona? Cardona Ticket

Cardona Ticket includes three guided tours at one only rate. No doubt, you’ll save money and it’s useful and easy. Scheduled guided tours must be checked. Every guided tour takes place in a different area and needs to be planned in advance. Schedules can be checked on .

It can be purchased online on and also at the Tourist Office of Cardona, the Cardona Medieval Centre, the Cardona Castle and the Salt Mountain Cultural Park.


The Park offers:

  • Shop “La Botigueta”
  • Space “La Cafeteria” with outdoor terrace
  • Picnic area
  • Free parking lot
  • Educational Services building (check out information about space rental).